Rules and Safety

For the safety of our patrons and crew members, The Lodge chooses to hold and enforce the following zero tolerance policies:

Any jokes about having weapons, explosives, or other threats that would physically harm people will be taken as a serious threat, reported to the authorities and will result in immediate removal from the property and permanent barring from the establishment. Our crew is instructed to consider the slightest mention of these topics as a serious threat.

As a patron, you can help us keep you safe by being aware of trouble before it starts and immediately notifying management, or crew on duty.

  • inappropriate and vulgar language being used towards any of our patrons or crew members
  • arguing, yelling, or any form of disruptive behavior that appears to be, or can lead to fighting
  • drug use, possession, and/or solicitation
  • drinking in the parking lot
  • vandalizing property
  • inappropriate sexual behavior
  • possession of knives or guns or any items intended to be used as a weapons

Dress Code

There is NO SET DRESS CODE, however, shoes must be worn at all times and any attire that might be perceived as gang related will NOT be allowed, such as: hats, bandanas, dew rags, Jerseys or Jersey-style shirts, and oversized/excessively baggy clothing.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, or damage to any personal property while on our property.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Safety Precautions

All criminal behavior should be reported immediately to local law enforcement.
General safety recommendations are not intended to induce fear and panic. People should go about their normal business and enjoy their individual freedom by participating freely in travel, work, and recreational activities.

Avoid becoming a victim of crime or terrorist attack by taking personal security precautions.

Take time out to familiarize yourself with building emergency exits and avoid passing unsubstantiated information and rumors.

Keep an eye on and report any suspicious behavior and circumstances to bar crew on duty:

• Persons in areas who do not appear to be crew, and/or who are attempting to access utility locations (water, electrical, information systems).
• Persons monitoring areas, buildings or entrances and/or taking photographs that seem out of the ordinary.
• Persons asking detailed information about physical security and/or information with no apparent need for that information.
• People wearing clothing not consistent with the weather conditions (bulky coat in warm weather etc.)
• Abandoned parcels or other items in unusual locations or high traffic areas.
• Multiple persons who appear to be working in unison, committing the above.
• Vehicles that appear to be abandoned vehicles; vehicles that containing unusual/suspicious parcels, materials, or substances that are leaking or spilling; suspicious vehicles parked near building, or common areas; unexpected/unfamiliar delivery trucks that are parked for long periods and or that are left behind at odd hours.
• Suspicious tampering with physical security (doors, locks etc.).



Engaging in the aforementioned activity will result in immediate removal from the property, barring from the establishment, or being turned over to the proper authorities when necessary. Refusal to cooperate with our crew members will result in immediate removal from the property and may result in barring from the establishment.